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Exclusive Use / Full Container Load (FCL) Service

If you are shipping your belongings in your own exclusive use container (known as a Full Container Load [FCL] service), the transit time is approximately between 6-12 weeks door to door. FCL option is recommended for a full house removal. This allows you to have sole exclusive use of a 20ft or a 40ft steel shipping container. As a rough guide, the contents of a three bedroom house usually fit into a 20ft container.

We offer 20ft and 40ft

International Relocations

South African Relocations pride ourselves on making your overseas move moves as simple and stress-free as possible. Your belongings are always in safe hands as we take entire responsibility for the careful relocation of your personal goods all the way to the final destination.

At South African Relocations, We understand that no two moves are the same, this is why we make sure every aspect of your worldwide household removals is tailored to your specific requirements.


South African Relocations offer a tailored, personal service specific to your requirements, and will take the stress of International moving out of your hands. Contact us and our team will accommodate your every needs from there. We’re perfectly equipped to handle any size of move, and value of belongings, with experienced and expert staff, we have the resources to ensure a smooth and efficient moving experience.


At South African Relocations as standard service we wrap all your furniture in our international moving export wrap which protects your furniture from any damages whilst in transit to any worldwide destination, Additionally we can also offer you a full or fragile international packing service to meet your needs.


Moving to overseas is a long and complicated operation. The distance, coupled with the risks of international transit, means that, on occasion, loss and/or damage to goods might occur, due to storms or other events which South African Relocations cannot control. This is why taking all risk cover for your goods during your international removal is essential.


At South African Relocations we offer state of the art secure containerized storage, So should you need to store your household goods for a couple of days or a couple of years whiles your overseas, We at South African Relocations have the affordable solution for you



South African Relocations acknowledges that pets play a significant part in the family. That’s why our appointed pet shipping agents are among the very few registered PET travel companies in South Africa. This also means that we adhere to their strict code of ethics. Our overseas agents are not just colleagues but firm friends who have been moving pets with us for many years, forming solid relationships built on trust and honesty.

What can fit inside a 40Ft container

A 40ft shipping container is one of the most popular sizes in the industry, and it offers a generous amount of space for cargo transportation. The standard dimensions of a 40ft container are 40ft in length, 8ft in width, and 8.6ft in height. The container has a total volume of 2,390 cubic feet and can hold up to 67,200 pounds of cargo.

So, what can you fit inside a 40ft shipping container? The answer depends on what you need to transport. Generally, a 40ft container is ideal for transporting large, bulky items or a large quantity of smaller items. Here are a few examples of what can fit inside

Cars(medium cars)
Pieces of drywall
Canned food
Pairs of shoes

Cars: A 40ft shipping container can fit up to four cars or trucks, depending on their size.

Household items: If you are moving to a new country or sending household items to a relative, a 40ft container can easily fit a three to four-bedroom house worth of furniture, appliances, and personal belongings.

Machinery: Heavy machinery, such as bulldozers, excavators, and tractors, can be transported in a 40ft container.

Building materials: A 40ft container can hold up to 900 pieces of drywall or up to 800 sheets of plywood.

Food products: The container can hold up to 1,200 cases of canned goods, depending on their size.

Clothing and textiles: A 40ft container can hold up to 6,000 pairs of shoes or 60,000 t-shirts.