Relocating your Family in Comfort

South African Relocations offers a in house pet relocation service. Our in house pets specialist understands your concerns when relocating your cherished furry family members overseas. We are entirely dedicated to making this process easy, hassle-free and above all else, comfortable for your precious cargo.

Our hands-on approach guarantees the most secure and relaxed adventure for your pets. We will do whatever it takes to provide your important family members with a smooth and stress-free travel venture overseas.

Comfy Travel Beds

No one goes further that us to ensure your fury family member travels in comfort. Each travel bed includes a custom made South African Relocations travel mattress, extra ventilation panels above head, two water bowls while still maintain the high standards and remain in compliance with airline.

How to correctly measure your pet

As travel crate is the most important aspect of pet shipping, correctly measuring your pets is absolutely vital.

Here are some tips on how to correctly measure your pet:

First, measure your dog or cat from the tip of their nose to base of their tail. Do not include any part of the tail in your measurement. This is measurement A.

Next, measure from the elbow joint in the forearm to the ground. This is measurement B.

Then measure across your pet’s shoulders. This is measurement C.

When your pet is standing upright, measure from the top of your pet’s head to the ground. If the ears are held erect add the measurement from the top of the head to the tip of your dog’s or cat’s ears. This is measurement D.

TOP TIP: Measuring a pet can be difficult with a tape measure. Try using a piece of string, then measure the string after taking the measurement.